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We thought you'd like to hear feedback from some people that have already bought a dwiss.

"I am delighted to be one of the first UK customers to receive their DWISS and it now takes pride of place in my kitchen. It really is a very well made, sleek and stylish design that you wouldn’t know is holding waste material ready to be taken out for recycling. The DWISS holds much more waste than I imagined it would and it is easy to empty and keep clean. Every home should have a DWISS!"

Elaine, Greater Manchester

“Non recycling husband found it easier to recycle than not.”

Kara, Yorkshire

"I love the design of the Dwiss and think it is clever and functional. It looks and feels great (I do like to touch it lot!!).  I have moved it to my study where it is proving extremely useful as I can now separate paper that needs shredding from that that doesn’t and also separate general rubbish and plastic meaning I’m now fully recycling throughout the house where previously I didn’t in the study and, thus, it is being heavily used and serving it’s original purpose, albeit in a different way!"

Justin, Buckinghamshire


“It helped us keep the kitchen worktops clear of paper, plastics and glass waiting to be taken to the outside recycling bin.”


Helen, Yorkshire


“No s#@t on the surfaces! Amazing!”

Nick, Yorkshire

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