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  • dwiss


    The dwiss is an award winning, sustainably made piece of kitchen furniture that makes recycling quick and easy. It has four large compartments that provide over 80 litres / 17 gallons of capacity.  One compartment can be discreetly fitted with a bag for non-recycleables, one has a removeable tub suitable for compostable waste, and the two lower crates provide further recycling capacity.


    To empty the dwiss simply replace the bag and empty the tub and two lower crates into external containers for recycling.  The bottom two crates can be carried in one hand, leaving the other hand free to open the door.  The dwiss is easy to clean - the bottom of all 4 compartments can be easily reached and the tub is safe to go in the dishwasher.  And for peace of mind your dwiss is laser engraved on the rear with a serial number so we can provide first class customer service over the years to come.


    Colour options are available, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

    • Useful information about your dwiss

      As a wooden product there will be variations in the colour and grain pattern.

      Use a damp cloth to keep your dwiss clean.

      DO NOT use chemicals or scouring pads and avoid pooled water in the compartments.

    • The use of wood

      The dwiss is made from Beech plywood, a stable, strong and durable material.

      It has a clear lacquer to control moisture and odour ingress.

      The wood is a carbon neutral product grown in sustainably managed forest.

      It can be recycled and ultimately used as fuel to generate heat and power.

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