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R E C Y C L I N G.

E L E G A N T.

The recycling station made with people in mind.

Introduce quick, easy and elegant recycling to your home and office.

Hand crafted from sustainably sourced plywood,

your dwiss can be made in the size and colour you need for your next project.

Inspired by people, shaped by nature, made for you.


Why the dwiss?

  • Add style to your home, office, hotel...

  • Showcase your commitment to environmental conservation.

  • Replace multiple recycling bins with a single unit.

  • Select a size and colour that meets your needs.

  • Tailor your dwiss with personalised laser engravings.

  • The dwiss' flowing lines and use of natural materials support a calm and healthy environment.

  • Help keep our oceans and land free of waste and conserve our natural resources. 

Recycling, quick and easy.

Papers on the worktop, bottles by the door, tins and plastic tubs piled up on the floor?

Not with the dwiss.  It elegantly houses four large compartments to accommodate all your waste and recycling needs. One of the upper compartments can be discreetly fitted with a bag for non-recyclables, whilst the other has a removable tub that can be taken to where you need it. The two lower compartments can be easily removed and carried in one hand when emptying, freeing up the other hand to open the door. 

The dwiss' innovative frame and compartment design provides a huge 80 litres / 17 gallons of capacity despite its modest dimensions.

To reclaim your worktops just decide what goes where.

Supports the Circular Economy.

The dwiss has been designed to support the Circular Economy.  As such we:

  • use sustainable beech plywood that's durable, can be recycled and ultimately used as fuel to produce heat and power

  • minimise the amount of plywood required through an innovative frame and compartment design

  • eliminate mechanical parts that might fail

  • construct the dwiss in a way that enables repair should wear and tear take its toll over the years

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